Picture of Seaze DJ'ing in Eindhoven

Seaze, the imminent DJ and producer from Roosendaal in the Netherlands, is with his 25 years of age a newcomer in the scene. By already playing sizable events and venues like The Flying Dutch, Dancetour and the iconic Melkweg Amsterdam he showed himself to be a top class DJ. With over 100 shows under his belt this upcoming producer seems ready to take on the big work.

Jurre -Seaze his real name- just recently began rolling out his own music as producer but he already made name in the scene as proficient DJ. Winning a DJ contest in his hometown when he was only 15 years old earned him a residency spot at a local bar called Chagall. This opportunity gave him loads of experience at young age, something that was paying off in the years after…

Proving that Seaze was ambitious, he enrolled in the Pepsi DJ Clash by Dancetour in 2014. He won the contest and earned himself his very first spot on a big festival. Playing alongside established DJs such as Dyro, Sick Individuals, Quintino and Ralvero at young age showed that Seaze was already ahead of his peers by then.

It was only one year later that Seaze earned himself a spot in the lineup of the first edition of The Flying Dutch in Amsterdam. Seaze made name by showing his skills at the same festival as DJs like Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack and Nicky Romero. One year and a lot of bookings later, Seaze made his debut at the illustrious Melkweg Amsterdam by playing the sold out venue in the main room. During the summer of 2017, Seaze made his first international appearances in Spain, by playing the biggest clubs of the Costa Brava.

Only recently, Seaze proved himself to be not only a skilled DJ but also a gifted producer. He just released his debut single ’Chinatown’ and follow up 'Back to Life. The scene waits with bated breath for the next move of this young Dutch DJ…


Picture of Seaze DJ'ing at The Flying Dutch Amsterdam, El Corazon Roosendaal and Dancetour Roosendaal

You can find all of Seaze his music in the Soundcloud player below.
All official releases are available for streaming on Spotify as well.



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Deze DJ uit Roosendaal, wat dichtbij Breda ligt is super goed. This producer is outstanding and you know that this quote is unreal.


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